All food in Scamps & Scholars Childcare Centre is freshly prepared "REAL" food.

Menus are prepared weekly, to reflect weather and seasonally available foods. Top quality stock and ingredients are sourced from reliable local suppliers. Food is cooked to ensure that flavours and nutrients are at the best. No salt is added in the preparation of our meals, flavours are developed using the best fruits and vegetables.

We use a lot of freshly prepared sauces, soups, healthy homemade treats and some homemade bread’s. Overall, we don’t believe in using convenience, pre-prepared or frozen foods. We serve milk and water as drinks and do not provide fruit juices, diluted drinks or other soft drinks. (The only exception to this is during school events and school tours).

Our menus, meals and textures are planned and prepared in an age appropriate manner. After an initial consultation with parents, babies are introduced to a wide variety of tastes and textures in the baby room. As the children progress through the crèche, the variety increases, as more foods are introduced. From spoonfeeding to finger food to using cutlery, each stage is important in the child’s development. Older children, occasionally when possible are given the opportunity to be involved in the preparation of some food items e.g., sandwiches, homemade pizza, wraps.

This encourages an interest in healthy food and its preparation. We are aware of the concerns of parents regarding allergies and intolerances and we will work closely with parents, beginning with a consultation so that our kitchen staff can plan alternative products, and meals etc. This is updated, if necessary as the child advances through the different rooms in the centre. Providing the correct nutrition can ensure a lifetime of good health, and with this in mind, meals are nutritionally balanced to ensure the optimal development of the children in our care.

We follow HACCP policies and procedures and hold current food handling and safety certificates. We are audited by the HSE EHO’s annually and are happy to share such reports with parents should the need arise.